Trump Visits UK, Fox News Lies

This was originally written as a response to a video from Fox News anchor Stuart Varney relating to Trump's UK visit. You can watch it here

So much #FakeNews here I don’t know where to begin. Sadiq Khan is not “one of the heads of the ‘Hate Trump’ movement” (such a movement does not officially exist although I will grant that a lot of people do hate Trump - go figure). He also states that “violence is expected” at the Trump demonstrations (organisers are promoting a peaceful & family friendly protest). He then blames ‘elites’, who are for open borders, which is the sort of pseudo-conspiracy trash peddled by Alex Jones on InfoWars. If anything UK politics is firmly anti-immigration, even our ‘left-wing’ Labour party is against freedom of movement.

With Rupert Murdoch’s Fox now cleared to takeover Sky (as of yesterday) this is the sort of top quality journalism we can expect to be permeating our TV screens in the near future. Trump is over here right now using the UK as a blunt instrument to attack the EU, with Putin gleefully doing the same from Moscow. A hard Brexit would be a victory for the disaster capitalists & multi-national corporations. It would rip out the heart of British agriculture & push back workers rights to the pre-war era. So when you are told by the Tories or Republicans that this is an attack on ‘elites’ or an effort to ‘bring back our sovereignty’ please see through the rhetoric & realise that all they wish to do is get their grubby mitts on yet more dirty cash while the average working person sees their prospects & quality of life deteriorate to ever more dreary levels.

It’s not immigrants or benefit cheats who make your life worse, it’s these fuckers, and Murdoch backed apologist cunts like Fox News. Don’t believe the lies.


#TrueAsFuckNews #TAFN

Gerry McCann