David Davis - glib & shamless liar?

On Wednesday David Davis, the Conservative Brexit Secretary, revealed that there have been no assessments or studies into the effect of Brexit on the UK economy. That's none. Nada. Zero. Zilch. This fact on it's own is bad enough, a resounding klaxon of the level of utter incompetence being portrayed by the current Government & just the latest in a long line of embarrassing faux pas, but it is compounded by the fact that Davis himself has been promising us in excess of 50 sectoral studies since October last year. See the brilliantly compiled video from the Daily Politik below for the details of these regular assurances;

Given the breathtaking manner in which Davis has misled both the public & his fellow MPs you would be forgiven for assuming that his head would currently be on a platter & his potential replacements for office would be top of the political agenda. Surprisingly he seems to be not only safe in his position,  but he will also be avoiding an investigation for contempt of Parliament, as reported by The Independent. Are the British public now so accepting of such glib and shameless lies by politicians as to have became totally apathetic towards such blatant deceit? Or are a largely right wing UK media complicit in smoothing over any fallout from this episode? Perhaps most importantly why have Labour been so quiet about the whole debacle? Although Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas & ex-Lib Dem chief Tim Farron  have called for his resignation, Jeremy Corbyn has been notably tight-lipped about the affair. Are Labour failing to provide strong enough opposition to our omni-shambles of a government?


Gerry McCannComment