About Us

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Not Another Fake NewsCast is a Scottish based News & Politics podcast which tries to sift through the misreporting, fake news & sometimes outright lies presented to us all on a daily basis. By carrying out thorough research & looking at statistics we try to get to the truth at the heart of topics as diverse as Immigration, Middle Eastern politics, the War on Drugs and Big Banking corruption. We also try to do this in a fun & lighthearted way.

Not Another Fake NewsCast are Paul & Gerry, two cousins from North Lanarkshire. 

Gerry and Paul attack mainstream media with aplomb, delivering comedy interspersed with hard hitting critique - Mglinearart

Clever and informative. Well worth a listen - Guitargeorge123

Highly recommended to anyone who wants the news behind the news. Love it - Boabulator

We were recently featured in the Guardian, you can find the review here

You can contact us on info@notanotherfakenewscast.com

Peace Out!